Govt employees must enroll their kids in govt schools & colleges

Govt employees must enroll their kids in govt schools & colleges


It should be made mandatory for government officers to get their kids enrolled in government schools. A District Collector in Chhattisgarh did it last year and won appreciation from all quarters of society. It should have been a trailblazer, but we are yet to hear other such instances. Therefore, it should be ensured through a legislation or executive order.

 If bureaucrats enrol their kids in government schools, it would transform those schools with better education and other facilities. The system will ensure that those schools get what they deserve. It will also change the perception about those schools. It will certainly help the poor kids who have no other option but to go to government schools.

 In a similar effort it should be made mandatory for bureaucrats to teach in government schools of their respective areas. This would highlight the problems of those schools and will improve the quality of education. 

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