One year notice before fee hike in schools

One year notice before fee hike in schools


Private schools should be asked to inform parents about hikes in school fees at least a year in advance. This would make it easier for parents to plan their finances accordingly. It will also give parents the time to make a well-considered decision on whether to send their child in the same school or to take admission in a different school. 

At present, schools do not give parents enough time to make such decisions. For many parents, there is only time to make sure that the increased fees are paid on time. And once the fee is paid, there is no question of changing the child’s school.


Many parents choose to send their children to private schools hoping for a better education. The fees of many private schools is quite high. Parents work hard to pay these high fees because they feel this will give their children an advantage in the long run. 

If they are not happy with the quality of education or the cost of the education, they do not have enough time to make decisions. If schools are instructed to tell parents that they are going to increase fees from the next academic year, parents will have enough time to apply for admission to other schools if they want. 

The same can be implemented at a national level just like the government did with Right to Education Act. 

You can help me by signing my petition. 

Please sign my petition to the Government of India to make it compulsory for private schools to give parents one year notice before increasing school fees.




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