Online government facilities should work without need to visit offices in person

Online government facilities should work without need to visit offices in person


As India progresses to become a digital-first nation with many government services going online, their proper implementation and regulation is also important. Several services like payment of taxes and renewal of driving licences, etc. have now gone online, which ideally would mean that one would be able to do these by the click of a button. However, this is not the case. One still needs to visit government offices and submit documents even after making applications and submitting documents online. 

If the process demands online applicants to visit the respective department of the government office even after submitting everything required online, we are opening the gates of corruption. 

To take my own example, I have applied for online renewal of my driving licence on July 21, 2018. I was them instructed to visit the RTO in Vashi to submit my documents. I have done so even if the process was redundant. 

Even after more than 3 months, I have not received the driving licence. I have meanwhile visited the RTO office in Vashi three times. The state of affairs is so clueless that nobody knows or tells me why the licence is not issued, in spite of all documents being submitted online and in physical form. Does it mean that I need to shell out money for things to be expedited? So, what is the use of online services? 

These essential online services by Maharashtra government are welcome, as they are meant to make our lives easier. However, even after uploading documents and paying the fees online, it is necessary to visit the concerned office with documents, which nullifies the main aim of starting online services. Online services are started to save time and curb corruption. 

I want the government of Maharashtra to look into this and enforce strict timelines and absolutely zero requirement to personally visiting offices. Let’s progress towards a real Digital India where something as simple as renewing a driving licence actually happens with a single click of a button. 

You can help me by signing my petition. 

Please sign my petition to the Government of Maharashtra to set up a strict protocol for online processes there by eradicating the need to personally visit government offices. 



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