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Thank you note to martyrs’ kin when they travel by train


Every year bravehearts lose their lives in battle at the borders. These courageous men give the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of keeping the citizens of India safe. They leave their family and their homes behind. They stay alert at night guarding our borders so that we can sleep peacefully at night. 

It is time we as a nation show our gratitude to the family of those who gave their lives trying to protect us. We owe it to them. Hence, as a gesture to show our respect, wives and families of martyrs should be shown gratitude whenever they travel in the nation.


Whenever wives and families of martyrs travel using trains they should be given a thank you note, letting them know that the whole nation is with them. This can include other things like meals, etc, to make their journey comfortable and let them know that the country is taking care of them. The idea behind it being that they know that we have not forgotten the great sacrifices made by the soldiers but also by their families.

 How it can work:

While the family member of a martyr is making the booking, he/she would have availed the ticketing feature of reserved seats available for them. The ticket collector of the train will have that data of a martyrs’ family member travelling on the train. So, he can alert a special team that will provide the thank you note and token of gratitude at his/her seat. 

 Their family member laid down their life to protect us all, can we not thank her while she is using the railway service? 

You can help me by signing my petition. 

Please sign my petition to the Ministry of Railways to facilitate a Thank you note to Martyrs wife and family when they travel by train



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